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Regency Era Costumes

Be the Belle (or Beau) of the Ball!

You will draw every eye in our authentic Regency styles from the tip of your top hat to the tip of your shoes!


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The Original Beau of the Ball

Beau Brummel, 1805 painting by Robert Dighton

Beau Brummel was THE Regency style icon. He eschewed the gawdy knee breeches, flamboyant court coats and high heels of the Georgian era and embraced carefully fitted coats and, eventually, trousers in solid colors.

The Beau was the Dandy of his era, which is not to be confused with the Macaronis or fops.

A fop was a gentleman of extreme dress - bigger, brighter, gawdier and designed to draw attention, whereas a Dandy paid close attention to his clothing but maintained elegant subtlety in their styling.

Following Beau's lead, high society gentleman of the Regency era wore high collared shirts, vests and coats, which were tailored to fit closely to the body. With these style strictures in place, men had few ways to express their individuality. Enter the cravat.

Cravats became the outlet for mens pent up creativity: Neckcloths could be 80 inches long or more to allow room for the increasingly elaborate knots.

Men's Regency Tailcoats had high collars and a sharp cut back at the waistline in front before falling to full length in the back. Unlike Georgian style, Regency tailcoats did not match the breeches/pants or the waistcoat.

The Beau may be gone, but over 200 years later we are still feeling the repercussions of his preferences. The somber black, blue and brown hues of men's business suits of today are an echo of Beau Brummel's influence.

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